All the Queen's Men
Images by Lachlan Douglas Somefx.

Coming Back Out Brisbane

The Tivoli, Brisbane Festival (Turrbal and Jagera Country)

Throughout the night, the ballroom dance floor fills with couples slow dancing, elders doing the nut bush with their carers, groups of friends throwing their hands in the air. I thought to myself: is there anything better in this world than watching old queers grab ass on a dance floor? I can’t think of anything. – Junkee Australia on Coming Back Out Ball


Through online dance clubs held during COVID in the lead up to the Brisbane Festival, LGBTIQ+ elders have come together to acknowledge their resilience and create a safe, social space.

During the Festival, we warmly invite all to a live edition of LGBTIQ+ Elders Dance Club featuring local artists and co-hosted by Brisbane choreographer Brian Lucas and All The Queens Men.

Proudly acknowledging the resilience of older LGBTIQ+ people who have lived through it all, it’s also a safe space for those just discovering themselves later in life. Join us for this afternoon of cultural significance where rainbow allies can sit alongside LGBTIQ+ elders to eat, drink, dance, reminisce and dream together into the future.

Creative Team

Creator and Producer: Tristan Meecham

Brisbane Creative Team: Brian Lucas, Leah Shelton, Chinta Woo Allcock, Nathan Stoneham, Lenine Bourke

Brisbane Festival Producer: Min Collie-Holmes

Event Host: Bec Reid

Online Host: Tristan Meecham and Chris Wilson

Partners and Support

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