All the Queen's Men
Images by Bryony Jackson.

Rainbow Reviews

Arts Centre Melbourne (Kulin Nations)

Think book club, but for live performance. A creative social initiative for elders. Free shows at Arts Centre Melbourne and chance to let your inner art critic fly!


Rainbow Reviews is a social initiative for Victorian elders. Over eight months, Rainbow Review members attended Arts Centre Melbourne performances for free. After after each show, the group meet discuss and review the performance.

Their stories, ideas and understanding of culture expanded into broader conversations linking the themes of the show with their own lived experience, histories and lives.

Extroverted Rainbow Review members even shared their reflections live on stage in post show Q&A conversations at Arts Centre Melbourne.

As part of the program, LGBTIQ elders went on a private tour of Arts Centre Melbourne, exploring the labyrinth beneath the famous spire, including the grand State Theatre to discover all the backstage glitz and glamour.

Shows reviewed included: Briefs: The Second Coming, Anthony and Cleopatra, The Bleeding Tree, Verve, Julius Caesar, Dickie Beau: Re-Member, Astroman, Calamity Jane and Merciless Gods

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