All the Queen's Men

EOFY Fundraising Campaign

Our 2023/ 2024 EOFY Appeal allows our supporters contribute to ATQM’s success. Every dollar, big or small, helps ATQM continue to our community committed work. Every dollar of $2 is tax-deductible.

By investing in All The Queens Men you are:

1. Celebrating diversity: supporting a vibrant multi-generational, family projects ­that advocates for inclusivity for all.

2. Building multi-generational connections: contributing to live experiences which foster connections across the ‘age’ spectrum

3. Establishing a culture of ongoing giving: leveraging ATQM’s proven track record and respected reputation within this unique opportunity of a matched fund campaign.

4. Contributing to creativity and positive social change: contribute to a broader movement that elevates equality and visibility for LGBTIQ+ families and youth, challenges ‘norms’, sparks dialogue and amplifies community representation.

Donations will be used to help ATQM continue working in 2024/2025 contributing to key operational expenses that allow us to do what we do.

Around Australia, Rainbow families face significant discrimination, exclusion and marginalisation for living in alternative family structures; facing legal challenges of relationship recognition, and difficulties accessing safer, inclusive services from government and education contexts (Rainbow Families – Love Still Makes a Family Report, 2019).

Studies show this is even more acute for those in rural, regional and remote areas.

Now, more than ever, LGBTIQ+ children are politicised in the media leading to LGBTIQ+ children experiencing feelings of isolation, discrimination and not seeing positive representations of themselves.

ATQM want to be part of a positive solution to address this urgent issue.

It’s in this context that ATQM’s new work, Play Date, a music concert and dance party for little ones and their (chosen) families, has been developed. Play Date is passionately focused on children and celebrating inclusion.

Supporting this campaign allows ATQM to tour to rural and regional towns in 2025, presenting community outcomes that inspire LGBTIQ+ creativity and grow social health and wellbeing for children across the country.

Your support means Rainbow Families and LGBTIQ+ children in rural and regional Australia can connect and share stories of resilience and creativity, while building confidence and a healthy sense of belonging and identities.

Thanks to our Campaign Supporters thus far:

Crispin and Amy, Roger Monk, Karen Moyle, Jei Li’Rann, John Sones, EJ Norvill, Takeshi Kondo, Mama Alto, Kieren Reynolds, Jessica Devereux, Andrew Foster, Jude Gun, Axel Garay, Warrick Dawson, Brad Weis, Aneke McCulloch, Julia Zemiro, Anita Norvill, Rowena & Suzy Doo, Trish Carlon, Rochelle Whyte, Julianne Shelton, Gerry Costigan, Jamie Gardiner, Peta Murray, Jane Murphy, Collette Brennan, Kate Sulan, Fiona Addison, Sue Maslin, Bron Batten, Chloe Greaves, Michaela Coventry, Julia Mardjuki, Andy Taylor, Adam Miller, Daniel Slusarek, Maddy Dowling, Lauren Mullings, Jane Bayly, Kerrie Noonan, Zachary Sheridan, Emilie Collyer, Lucy Hamilton, Angela Savage, Sara Charlesworth, Annette Vieusseux, Chris Summers, Sheila Addison, Genevieve Lacey, Clair Smith, Annabelle Murphy, Lloyd Harris, Morgan Hind, Helen Marriage, Brigid Magner, Rachel Burke, Philip Mitchell, Andrew Gill, Ro and Kaye Bradshaw, Jonathan Nicol, Kaylie Melville, Michelle McCann, Kim Munro, Ali Duncan, Simon Abrahams, Bob Reid, Peta Williams, Heike Raunow, Angharad Wynne-Jones, Adelaide Rief, Fabian Kong, Kate Larsen, Gareth Hart, Gabby Rose, Zenith Virago, Katherine Gillick, Thea Baumann, David McMicken, Maggie McNulty, Hannah Liddeaux, Jo Thomas, Jennifer Greer Holmes, Kate Baggerson, Ben Graetz, Graeme Ilbery, Jason Maling, Dan Goronszy, Jade Lillie, Mandy Errington, Tone Aston/ Rumble Studios, Kristian Santic, Anne & Craig Burgess, Charlie Cush, Kath Fyffe, Youbi Lee, Deirdre O’Brien, Jude Anderson, Libby Lincoln, Maurie Meecham, Cameron Macintosh, Joan Meecham, Jess Keepence, Emer Harrington, Jaclyn Booton, Michael McMahon, Katrina Sedgwick, Kirsty Guster, Lee Casey, Cecily Hardy, Ian Whitney, Alan Mitchell, Naomi Stead, Selene Bateman, Kristy Ayre, Paul Gazzola, CQ Quinan, Steven Weir, Kerstin Paulsen, Tom Conroy, Jamie Gardiner, Cat Sewell, Jason Hilliar, Timothy Harvey, Sue Coleman, Tony Walsh, Dennis Altman, Caitlin Coleman, Victorian Mullings, Lara Thoms, Laurene Vaughan, Jane Crawley, Laura Sheedy, Jodee Mundy, Neal Price, Phillip Bates, Anna Reece, Adele Pavlidis, Jerril Rechter, Vanessa Wright, Al Morrow, Daniel Fletcher, Pru Wilson, Alexandra Hay, Bid Juhanson, Aimee-Lee Hu Hsien, Viv Rosman, Lucy Nelson, Georgina Meecham, Katrina Maw, Suzannah Bayes-Morton, Julia Cox, Jacinda Richards, Greg Tingate, Dani Fecko, Amber Stuart, Holly Bury, Neel Morley, Ketura Budd, and those who wish to remain anonymous.

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