All the Queen's Men
Images by Will Taylor, Australia Council for the Arts.

The IETM Ball

Arts House Melbourne (Eastern Kulin Nations)

The Artists, The Managers, The Money and their Lovers. Enough talking it’s time for a feast!


Enough talking ITEM it’s time for a feast!

A degustation of performance, paraded down a catwalk and into the night. Think Greenaway and a sumptuous mix of high and low art, music, dance, flair and flamboyance. Eat, drink and be merry.

Curated by Tristan Meecham for the IETM Plenary in Melbourne presented by Australia Council.

What will you bring to the table? 

IETM delegates are paired with local artists to travel through Melbourne’s iconic laneways, city arcades, and dark alleys to North Melbourne Town Hall. Along the pilgrimage, all are invited to source a gift, an offering to be placed on the dining table. Once this shrine of treasures is complete, performers will serve up a feast for the eyes to be devoured by one and all.

Creative Team

Curator and Host Tristan Meecham 

Lighting Design: Bosc Shaw

Video and Sound Design: Nick Roux

Performances: Helen Herbertson, Matthew Day, Nicola Gunn, Tama Tatau, The Cambodian Space Project, Tristan Meecham, Bec Reid with Tim Harvey, Yumi Umiumare

Partners and Support

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