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The Everyday Imaginarium, Adelaide

Vitalstatistix Adelaide (Kaurna Country)

Struggling to deal with the enormity of climate change? This bazaar ignites local passions, values small ideas and trades on chats and storytelling. Invigorate your imagination with everyday experts showcasing alternative ways to live large and local.


Are you fatigued by Climate Change? In need of a Personal Environmental Audit? Perhaps an Environmental Tarot and Charka reading is your cure, or a consultation with our very own Plant Doctor?

The Everyday Imaginarium is a bazaar that ignites local passions, values small ideas and trades on chats and storytelling. This treasure trove is filled with advice from environmental wizards, local oracles and serene storytellers, all who will set up shop to share their tangential knowledge and expertise with you. Invigorate your imagination as these everyday experts showcase alternative ways to live large and local.

With a glass of Pimms and lemonade, book a one on one chat with our supreme sages and storytellers, all experts who will set up shop to share their tangential knowledge and expertise with you. A simple way to consider small ways we can all make a difference in this climate emergency.

Presented at Jackalope Studio Gallery, as part of Climate Century for Vitalstatistix, Adelaide. Sunday 15 November 2015.

Imaginarium Experts

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Auditor is Sam Hoffman. Sam will conduct personal environmental audits to determine how you can reduce methane, polyethylene, and youtube (the three fountains of waste) from your life. Using a complex spreadsheet and interrogative questioning, Sam will assess the nature and extent of harm, or risk of harm, you pose to the environment. You will leave The Imaginarium with practical ways to reduce, reuse and recycle, you dirty little creatures!

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Seer is Danica Moor. Danica, a former Greenpeace activist and chainsaw enthusiast, is a master in the fine art of Tasseography. Over a cuppa green tea, Danica will read your leaves and foretell the future. This is your chance to ask some big questions about where your world is heading. Will I fall in love? Will I get married? Will I have children? Will they survive in the planet I leave them?

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Composting King is Tim Walsh. Local legend Tim will provide handy tips to transform your backyard through Urban Ecology and Community Composting. With live composting demonstrations (worms and all), you will have the chance to meet one of Tim’s gorgeous backyard hens. Expand your artistic skills and draw your very own portrait of Henrietta to be displaying in the Imaginarium.

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Geophag is Davina Adamson. Disguised as Costa Georgiadis, Davina will serve tasting platters for those hungry to explore Pica, a condition characterised by an aggressive appetite for non-nutritive substances. Adamson expertise is Geophagy, the practice of digesting soil substrates such as clay and dirt. Book for some tastings of Davina’s favourite samples and discuss if this Dirt Degustation could be a sustainable way for the future?

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Animal Whisperer is Tania Cann. Tania is deeply connected with the animal kingdom and all things dolphin. Her walking tours combine her passion for the Port with her passion for the Porpoise. Recently, Tania witnessed something out of this world… a dolphin funeral! At the Imaginarium, Tania will relive this ritual as you honour the memory of animals that have passed to a better place. The conversation will conclude with an optional smudging ceremony.

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Cultural Leader is Karl Telfer. Karl is a Kaurna man from the Adelaide Plains regions of South Australia. Born into a family with strong cultural heritage, who are actively involved in politics, social justice and human rights for Aboriginal people, Karl continues the legacy by integrating his culture with the arts. He brings people together through ways of understanding the spirit of humanity. At The Everyday Imaginarium, you can book in to listen to Karl’s storytelling of land, culture and environmental preservation.

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Community Cartographer is Catherine McMahon. Catherine is passionate about the Port and Peninsula community and has taken action into her own hands. At this meeting, Catherine will encourage you to take charge and reimagine a future for our community. Using Peninsula maps, you can draw landmarks, memories and dreams that showcase what makes this place so special. These drawings document the past, present and future of the Port and Peninsula and will be displayed for all to see.

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Science Specialist is Michael Mills. Michael wants you to know your facts when it comes to Climate Change. As part of the Imaginarium, Mr Mills will determine if you are science literate and can back up your claims about the changing environment. He will review your opinions to determine what is fact and what is fiction. This social service will provoke you to answer… do I really know what I am talking about?

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Sustainable Masterchef is Rebecca Sullivan. Rebecca is a self-taught cook who has worked with some of the world’s best food producers, academics, activists and chefs. As part of her wellbeing brand ‘Warndu’, she champions native Australian ingredients and products such as brew bags, ice blocks and bone broths. Her aim is to give back socially and environmentally. Book in to learn your own tricks to become a sustainable Masterchef.

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Student Superstars are Zoe Peterson and Mija Coad. Zoe and Mija are in year 7 at Alberton Primary School. They also star in a short documentary screening this Friday night on ABC2!!!! The film follows Zoe and Mija as they set out to save a rare Murray River fish (The Great Purple Spotted Gudgeon) from extinction. Alberton Primary School are now breeding these fish in captivity to rebuild the population in the wild. Book to meet these superstars, get their signatures and hear about their fishy tales.

The Everyday Imaginarium’s River Captain is Susie Skinner. Recently, Susie and Banjo (her Jack Russell) journeyed the river, from Cadell to Caloote, by boat, mapping it over the duration of a moon cycle. At The Imaginarium, you will have the chance to make your own paper boat with Susie (and Banjo) and discuss how the river ignites themes of life, death, memory, and our fragile environment.

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Future Historian is Paul Downton. Paul believes the only way forward is to consider the past. Paul will provide an oral history of his experience of the past two decades connected with the Climate Change Movement. You think things are getting better? You have discovered the solution? The Forest through the trees? You can see the light? Well, Paul thinks it is getting darker! Use this opportunity to learn from the past as you progress into the future.

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Climate Campaigner is Lovisa Muyderman. Lovisa is the SA Coordinator for the Australia Youth Climate Coalition. She is constantly inspired and motivated by climate movements from all over the world, from the Arctic, to the Pacific and the Middle East. She is incredibly grateful that she is part of an organisation which embraces and fights for climate change justice everyday. Meet with Lovisa to hear more about AYCC and practical ways you can activate and contribute!

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Food Alchemist is Silvia Volonta. Silvia is a member of Wagtail Urban Farm and is a magician when it comes to fresh, local and sustainable produce. At The Everyday Imaginarium, Silvia will showcase bubbling jars of ferments and bring tastings grown from her kitchen! Meet with Silvia to learn some secret recipes for long life elixirs, so you can create sustainable magic at home.

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Farming Dramaturg is Steven Hoepfner. Steve (also a member of Wagtail Urban Farm) aims to uncover how conventional food producing practices are impacting our few remaining wild places. Steve will ask you important questions. Where does your food come from? How is it being made? Meet with Steven to learn more about the process food goes through to get on your plate.

The Everyday Imaginarium’s Community Choir is Choral Grief. Choral Grief is Adelaide’s premiere sad song choir. As part of the Imaginarium, the choir will lament the future of the environment. Performing a song each half hour, Choral Grief will act as a form of remembrance. We ask you to pause your conversations as you ponder what went so wrong and what you can do to change the future.

Creative Team

Creator and Producer: Tristan Meecham

Designer: Yvette Turnball

Event Hosts: Yvette Turnball and Tristan Meecham

Performances: Choral Grief

Everyday Experts: Sam Hoffman, Danica Moor, Tim Walsh, Davina Adamson, Tania Cann, Karl Telfer, Catherine McMahon, Michael Mills, Rebecca Sullivan, Zoe Peterson, Mija Coad, Susie Skinner, Paul Downton, Lovisa Muyderman, Silvia Volonta, Steven Hoepfner

Partners and Support

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