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Images by Bryony Jackson. Video by Logan Mucha.

The Coming Back Out Ball

Melbourne Town Hall (Kulin Nations)

A night of cultural significance in which the broader community can sit alongside our LGBTIQ+ elders to eat, drink, dance, reminisce and dream together into the future.

“To help senior gay people is a challenge…to think someone will actually put these ideas together and take the challenge is really quite extraordinary”


After the huge success in 2017, The Coming Back Out Ball returns as a spectacular celebration of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Gender Diverse and Intersex elders.

The project’s social mission is informed by growing research around isolation and loneliness plaguing elderly populations; which is deemed even more acute for LGBTIQ+ people. Research also reveals that some LGBTIQ+ elders conceal their sexual, gendered or cultural identity or variation(s) when they access aged care services – because they believe they are not safe.

In Australia, these elders have lived through a time when being LGBTIQ+ could result in imprisonment, enforced medical ‘cures’, loss of employment and rejection by family and friends. For many, impending old age has meant some elders are going back into the closet, for fear of being deprived of companionship and quality care when they need it most.

We note, that in 2016 and 2017 State Government’s around Australia formally apologised and expunged the criminal records of gay men who had lived their entire lives with a criminal record for the ‘abominable crime of buggery’.

Using the form of a ball which is cultural and historically significant to many intersections of the LGBTIQ+ community, The Coming Back Out Ball is a political action of reclaiming one of our largest civic spaces and giving it back to a group of people who although certainly deserve it, do not have the opportunities to access a lavish night of recognition and celebration.

In 2018, All The Queens Men have expanded our social mission to connect LGBTIQ+ elders throughout regional and rural Victoria; a group often overlooked, and who also struggle with social isolation and discrimination.

Throughout Victoria, All The Queens Men have reached out to these elders via our ongoing partnership with the Victorian Seniors Festival and numerous local councils by presenting the LGBTIQ+ Elders Dance Club throughout 2018 and 2019.

The LGBTIQ+ Elders Dance Club is a free ongoing social event for rainbow elders and their allies that aims to combat ageism, social isolation and discrimination through regular social connection with a drink, food, chats and dancing.

Creative Team

Director, Producer and Host: Tristan Meecham

Producer and Choreography: Bec Reid

Event Director: Cameron Menzies

Production Support: Andrew Westle

Sound Designer: Russell Goldsmith

RMIT Research: Dr Marnie Badham

Designers: Forde & Nicol

Publicist: Ben Starick

Production Manager: Anna Pidgeon

Stage Managers: Carmel Duffy and Rockie Stone

The Coming Back Out Ball Band: Keys: Simon Bruckard, Violin: Rachel Kim, Violin: Natasha Conrau, Viola: Carrie Webster, Cello: Francesca Mountfort, Bass: Andrew Tanner, Trombone: Ros Jones, Reeds: Nick Lester, Vibraphone/Percussion: Nat Grant, Drum Kit: Renato Vacirca

Performers: Briefs, Meow Meow, Electric Fields, Miss Ellanous, Lasey Dunaman, Nova Gina, Desanne Butterworth, Jess Devereux, Paea Leach, Jo Lloyd, Steven Weir

Thanks: Lachlan Alexander, Ro Allen, Brenda Appleton, Auspicious Arts, Lou Austin, John Batho, Dr. Catherine Barrett, Elisabeth Bridson, N’arweet Carolyn Briggs, Sheryl Bryce, Lenine Bourke, Kent Burgess, Ada Castle, Linda Catalano, Lizzi Craig, Karen Cochrane, Jan Cochrane-Harry, Rebecca Cooen, Holly Cooper, Pauline Crameri, Nic Dorward, Matt Dixon, Maddy Dowling, Alison Duncan, Martin Foley, Nanette Fox, Simone French, Chloe Greaves, Robyn Good, Dan Goronszy, Bonnie Halsall, Nick Henderson, Cas Hunter, Shona Johnson, Ann Lafferty, Rohan Leppert, Markie Linhart Lou McLaren, Avril McQueen, Roger Monk, Cameron Mugford, Deirdre O’Brien, Gerry O’Brien, Adrianna Ortiz, Alexa Petrucelli, Beverley Pinder, Chris Reidy, Andrew Rogers, Diana Sautelle, Clive Scott, Sherene Stewart, Trevor Stubley, Toby Thornton, Ardy Tibby, Brodie Turner, Dan von Czarnecki, Emily Wakelin, Katie White, Victoria Whitelaw, Gordon Wilson, Dan Witton, Jennifer Wolcott, Emily Wu, Tiger Wu and Ann Urch.

Partners and Support

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