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Images by Gelee Lai.

Fun Run, Taipei

Taipei Zhongshan Hall Plaza (Taiwan)

When the Greek messenger Pheidippides was sent to Athens to announce the Persian’s defeat in the battle of Marathon, he ran the entire distance without stopping, burst into the Athenian assembly delivered the news and died on the spot. Fun Run is his story.


Fun Run is not just an homage to Pheidippides, but a performance spectacle that pushes one man to the limits of his endurance.

Artist Tristan Meecham runs a gruelling 42.2kms on a treadmill supported by massive visual effects, a booming soundtrack, a silky-voiced MC and hundreds of performers and athletes from the local community. Fun Run is a huge public event that really has it all – bouncing pom-poms, bulging muscles, cyclist’s calves and a flash mob that will have everyone moving.

Opening event, 2019 Taipei Arts Festival. Taipei Zhongshan Hall Plaza, Saturday 18 August 2018


Fun Run Creative Team: Tristan Meecham, Bec Reid, Willoh S. Weiland, Carmel Duffy, Chloe Greaves, Luke Smiles

Fun Run Performers: Tristan Meecham, Bec Reid, Karolyn Keike, Timothy Harvey, Alex Hsiung, Wen-hao Chang, Lee Yun Chung, Yen Hua Chen, Vicent Lee

Taipei Producers: Yinru Vivian Lo, Miriam Chen

Community Collaborators; Long Teng Lion Dance Association, Ming Dao Primary School Diabolo Spinning Team, Taiwan Shih Hsin University Cheerleading Team, Lan Yang Samba Dance, Jinteng Electric-Techno Gods, T.S.D HIP HOP, X fitness, Ethereal, Jiuzhuang Folk Dance Group, Taiwan Candy Dance Group, Changhua Martial arts Association-Babuza Center, Huang Wen Chung X Montt

Partners and Support

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